ARP Constructions

Date March 2018
Location Bangalore
Value Rs 1990/Sq.Feet
Client Century 21
Category Residential

Some construction projects are small renovations or repair jobs, where the owner may act as designer, paymaster and laborer for the entire project. However, more complex or ambitious projects usually require additional multi-disciplinary expertise and manpower, so the owner may commission one or more specialist businesses to undertake detailed planning, design, construction and handover of the work.

Our Solutions

Often the owner will appoint one business to oversee the project (this may be a designer, a contractor, a construction manager, or other advisor); such specialists are normally appointed for their expertise in project delivery, and will help the owner define the project brief, agree a budget and schedule, liaise with relevant public authorities, and procure the services of other specialists (the supply chain, comprising subcontractors).