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The more readers that you have that read every blog post you write, the greater the probability that those readers will share or recommend your business blog to people that they know. People like to see their thoughts published, and they are much more likely to recommend that the people that they know read the blog if their comments are published there also. When you ask your readers to contribute stories or photos that get them involved in creating content for your blog, you develop ongoing relationships that essentially guarantee that your reader will return to your blog. After all, they don’t want to miss their photo or quote being published on your accounting business blog.

Accounting and Bokkeeping Blog

The official blog of the Indiana CPA Society, I was just thinkin’ is as independently minded as its title. While many of its posts cover local developments, an equal number cover topics as diverse and varied as Generation Z, Millenials, self-taught accounting, and what it means to march to the beat of your own drum. Accountants new and old to the profession will find its opinions well-informed and its reporting on recent developments a breath of fresh air. The Small Business Administration has some great news for businesses that are still struggling through the pandemic. In December 2020, Congress voted to allocate an additional $284 billion to the Paycheck Protection Program .

Making life easier for your clients can also make life easier for you. Check out these 7 accounting apps you can introduce to your clients.

It is especially useful for the small business accountant who is looking for innumerable new ways to solve old problems. Morgan Lewis is a global law firm that practices financial, international, and commercial litigation that includes tax and estate planning forms of law, among others. Its blog informs both the company’s clients and the broader populace of the latest developments and financial regulations affecting how businesses and industries operate their accounting practices. Up and coming accountants who are planning to specialize in largescale financial services would do well to pay attention to this series of law blogs.

From professional accomplishments to news and opinion, Caron combines the expertise of the professor with the broad sweep of the hard-core news junkie. Caron’s area of specialization is tax law, so stories on law education, tax reform, and professional events all keep the blog moving quickly and engagingly. Mark’s Acc Jokes is a not-so-serious accounting blog maintained by London accountant Mark Lee, who never met an accounting gag he didn’t love. Filled with accounting witticisms, one-liners, and anecdotes , Lee puts a new spin on the stereotypically dull accountant. Proving by example that not all accountants are boring, Lee’s posts are even humorous to the layman. Take a look “Internal Auditors Can Miss the Obvious” for a different take on the classic “stealing wheelbarrows” joke.

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A good resource for small-to-medium sized business leaders who need accounting expertise and advice on their side. A straight-laced but light-humored business blog, Going Concern offers regular updates on the state of accounting for professional firms and accounting students alike. An excellent resource with some strong opinion thrown into the mix, Going Concern will help any accountant through the uncertainty of both job and job market. The premier professional CPA association of New York State, NYSSCPA provides resource for certified public accountants throughout the Empire State. A veritable mainstay of accounting in New York since 1897, NYSSCPA supports and represents the interests CPAs at every level.

Consider what they want to learn about and what their level of understanding they have when it comes to accounting. Here are some quick tips to help you gain confidence and reduce the time it takes to write an engaging blog post. We are also providing services related to Bookkeeping, Tax planning, and much more. Kelly is a well-known tax attorney and Forbes writer, helping businesses and tax professionals by educating and writing on tax-related security and technology issues and tax policies. Whether you are a student, an accountant, or small business, Accounting Coach is your place.

  • The site also features tips on starting a business, legal structures, insurance concerns, marketing plans, and tax and finance queries.
  • When not absorbed in writing, Deepanshu loves reading, enjoys watching movies, and spends too much time reading about SEO.
  • Edwards doesn’t do taxes, but she does make sure the businesses that often lack representation get the help they need.
  • The TaxProf Blog, written by Pepperdine University professor and dean of the Pepperdine Law School Paul Caron, is one of the most active blogs in the business, and one of the most informed.
  • Managed accounting is a viable alternative that offers more support and features than DIY software, but is just a fraction of the cost of a full-time bookkeeper.
  • Use keywords naturally in your blogs and the pages of your website.

List is updated as we receive new blog submissions and re-ranked every few weeks. The more of these words on your site, the higher your chances of being on the search engine results page. Use keywords naturally in your blogs and the pages of your website. For example, if you have expertise in succession planning, write about this, if your firm is the farm accounting specialist, make sure you cover the questions that relate to this industry on your website. Use the related words through your blog, the title, the URL and the meta description.

AccountingDepartment.com is a virtual accounting bookkeeping service that is designed to help small to medium-sized businesses grow their annual revenues. A leading resource for CPAs, Accounting Today serves tax professionals, bookkeepers, auditors, financial planners, and business consultants to help them stay up-to-date on the state of the accounting industry.

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Recent highlights include posts on automation in the workplace (“Automation is a Good Thing”) and a bit of tough-love motivation for professionals and businesspeople “(Still Dragging Your Feet? What’s Wrong With You?”). Tracy Coenen is a forensic accountant and fraud investigator whose blog highlights recent scams and scandals. As an award-winning speaker, consultant, and author, Coenen brings an engaging personality and Accounting Periods and Methods strong voice to a highly valuable Fraud Files Blog. Her personal commentary on fraud-related news is both helpful and interesting, not to mention informed. In addition to commentary, Coenen also offers advice when it comes to dealing with instances of fraud. One of her specialties is pyramid schemes, as evident from posts on the Worldventures class-action lawsuit and her warnings about MLM (multi-level marketing) scams.

Accounting Today reaches an audience of over 325,000 working professionals, making them one of the largest hubs of business-to-business news in the industry. Designed to provide a leg-up for accountants with questions about the profession, the blog is great for individuals training to be part of the trade. Accounting Today is one of the most famous accounting news, trade magazine, and informative blog on the Internet. It is one of the best resources for public accountants and professionals who offer tax preparation, bookkeeping, bookkeeping and financial services to individuals, small businesses, and SMBs. Accounting business topics to write about can be anything related to the accounting procedures and tax laws and loopholes that keep your accounting business busy. There are many accounting blog ideas that you wouldn’t commonly think fall into the role of accounting, such as supply chain management. The accounting business blog that you operate gives you the opportunity to show your clients exactly how diverse and well versed your accounting business actually is.

A wonderfully eccentric, 40-year accounting veteran, Robert Flach takes a down-to-earth approach with The Wandering Tax Pro blog. Writing in an informal, instantly-recognizable voice, Flach takes on current events, politics, and money with a sharp sense of humor and a “mad as hell” fearlessness.

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Other features include informative podcasts and newsletters that discuss the leading accounting firms and professionals. White Collar Fraud is an investigative blog written to cover the issue of white collar crime from the first-person perspective of Sam Antar. An ex-con and CPA who was convicted of a number of white collar crimes cerntering around his accounting practices for a firm called Crazy Eddie in the 1980s.

You could write a series on the most frequent reasons that small businesses file for bankruptcy. In the series, you could fully elaborate on each reason, turning them into a full post. Or, you could write a post about the current topic, and also dedicate a section of the blog to reader responses to your last blog, and open a line of communication by allowing your readers to post comments and questions.

You’re already familiar with Ace Cloud Hosting blog, as you’re reading it right now. PPP forgiveness works differently for sole proprietors and independent contractors, the biggest difference being the concept of “owner compensation share” which greatly simplifies the loan forgiveness process. This is really nice blog.It has really good collective information about the bookkeeping and accounting. As a business owner, there are many different metrics and KPIs out there for you to follow that can give you insight. Commercial Direct has partnered with Xendoo to give you a straightforward look at the tax challenges and opportunities facing small business owners who own commercial property. Bookkeeping Dedicated bookkeepers committed to helping you grow your business. Make sure you are reporting all business expenditures and work to keep business and personal funds separate.

They are regularly updated, offer a variety of opinions, and are written by experts of a particular niche. In a short amount of time, you can consume more information, research more data, and gain insights from an expert. But, accounting is a constantly evolving industry and has so many subcategories, so you cannot thrive by limiting yourself to the stagnated accounting skills. To grow, innovate, and become an exceptional accounting professional, you need to learn and develop your skills continuously. Accounting, bookkeeping, and tax tips to help you understand your small business finances.

Accounting and Bokkeeping Blog

The Home School CPA also covers topics of religious interest, particularly Christian homeschooling. Recent posts have covered issues like dealing with fraud in a homeschool group and new IRS regulations for nonprofit organizations.

An accounting blog first and foremost, Digital First concerns itself with imagining a future where accountants play a bigger role in interpreting data to discover the most efficient ways to grow their client’s busines. A perfect resource for accountants who don’t want to miss out on the newest and brightest ideas and gadgets to impact their profession. The Corporate Counsel is an educational service provided by legal experts to guide accountants and corporate leaders through thorny legal issues surrouding corporate governance. Having offered their services for over 40 years, The Coroporate Counsel is well-versed on laws that affect accountants most, which is why its many blog collective has multiple experts dedicated to accounting law. An excellent resource for accountants seeking expert legal advice. Financial Executives International is an association established for senior finance executives to provide networking, advocacy, and continued professional education on issues of financial literacy.

Such issues include financial management, reporting, and strategy. FEI’s blog is particularly relevant to accountants who have learned how to report financials and need news about current developments that may affect their practice. Accounting and Bokkeeping Blog A small business online payroll service, SurePayroll offers payroll tax services, accounting services, and 401k plans. SurePayroll’s blog provides key insights into the economic landscape for small business accountants.

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Its blog is especially useful for small business accountants who are beginning their practice and would like to know more about the larger status of the profession amid broader political and economic changes. Less Accounting provides simplified accounting software for small businesses.

Accounting and Bokkeeping Blog

If you aren’t publishing a daily blog, or even a weekly blog, then you are operating your blog in more of a newsletter publishing fashion. It is important to remember that if you publish less frequently, you should try to have a more in depth and thorough read than what a daily blog would consist of. For example, if you were publishing a blog post every 48 hours, it would be acceptable to write a 7 minute post from start to finish. However, if you are publishing once every 10 days, you want to have more in-depth and thorough posts to give your readers a reason to come back to your site only once or twice a month. Because certified public accountants are on the cutting edge of business strategy, professional services, and staffing issues, there is this blog. It is run by the Maryland Association of CPA’s and tells those stories.

Instead of giving investment advice, you should talk of the average rates of return on IRA’s, bonds, and 401K accounts. A series of 10 purchases that you weren’t aware of being tax deductible. You could discuss it at one per week, with each of the purchases being tax deductible explained. You could list when it isn’t tax deductible, why it wouldn’t be tax deductible under certain circumstances, and what those circumstances are. Discuss how to effectively reduce personal debt, how to stop accumulating personal debt, and when it is wise to file bankruptcy to get out from under a large amount of personal debt. Having these blogs on Bookkeeping at one place really save time.

Rita Keller is a respected CPA, author, and speaker who has been frequently recognized as one of the most influential influencers in accounting. Her daily blog posts share lessons she’s learned from her work experience, as well as practical advice for CPAs. A professional writer and marketing consultant for more than 20 years, Suzanne Wentley has helped government agencies, nonprofits, and businesses share their message and help communities worldwide. She’s passionate about childcare services and making sure every family has a house to call home. Always add a link to a contact page somewhere in that short description of who you are and what you do. You want to give people an easy way to reach out and ask about your accounting services. The best way to improve your search engine optimization is to create blogs on topics that people want to read about.

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Operating in an interactive fashion with your readers is always a good way to develop a blog readership. He is the managing member of Patrick Accounting and Tax Services PLLC, a small business focused CPA firm in Tennessee. Categories on the blog include business management, growth, payroll, and more. Armed with loads of tax knowledge and a healthy dose of candor, Russ Fox of Clayton Financial and Tax in Las Vegas, NV, gives readers practical tax advice that lays it on the line. In his posts to the Taxable Talk blog, Fox brings a little of the accounting professor, and a little of the Vegas bar buddy, providing some very technical lessons and tips with personality and character. Plus, he’s got some great insights into tax responsibilities for professional gamblers, if your poker games get a little more serious.

The Journal of Accountancy is the leading professional journal in the field, published by the AICPA. Besides the print magazine , the Journal of Accountancy blog is dedicated to news, advice, and standards in the profession. Recent posts include discussion of the impact of blockchain technology on the accounting business, and how AI will affect audits and accounting in the future. Transaction Pro for Quickbooks Blog is the brain child of Bay State Consulting and accounting guru, Karen Magno. An excellent resource for accountants who are new to QuickBooks, or who just want an easier way to distribute and translate all their financial data between clients, companies, and other agencies.

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